I call Writer’s Block a Myth

Writer’s block. We’ve all had to suffer from this cancerous tumor that eats away at our minds. Creativity, nonexistent, though our fingers itch to write. We wanna express something, but we don’t know what. Inspired by nothing, but desiring to inspire others. We sit, we think, we think, and we think more, yet our brains still fail to come up with anything worthy to be read. Where does it come from? How do we make it go? How do we tell our minds to just WRITE! To not analyze the impact our words will have. But to just open ourselves up, open our souls up letting our inner demons & angels fight to the death on page as we express ourselves in ways that we hope others will enjoy.

I’m right now at 11:53 PM on Wednesday night calling “writer’s block” a myth or a fantasy perhaps. The fantasy that our minds create when we try and try and think we fail. We think we fail because we try too hard. Rather than contending with what’s on our hearts, we try to impress those that are not ourselves. So rather than be satiated with what’s going through us, we try to satiate those around us; and given the fact that everyone’s appetites are satisfied by different poisons, we think too hard to the point where we think of nothing.

Writing to please has got to stop. Writer’s block, the myth of all myths. The lie of all lies that makes us believe that we have nothing worthy to pen. That we have nothing worth reading. And so because of this lie that we believe, we write nothing. We claim there’s a block in our mind when really there’s a block in our hearts due to our fears and woes that we will fail. It’s not that we have “writer’s block,” because it doesn’t exist, it’s that we have “writer’s fear;” “writer’s woe;” “writer’s perfection;” “writer’s desire to please the masses.” At the end of the day, we must write for ourselves. Write from our souls and our inner beings that yearn to be heard. There’s a voice and a story in every one of us, and all we have to do is allow that voice to be set free.

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