I just purchased a bus ticket to visit my boyfriend & needless to say, I’m INCREDIBLY excited. Excitement is a weird feeling. Your mind just goes into this strange mode where it anticipates happiness & joy in something you’re yet to experience. It’s as if the negative sides of our minds disappear momentarily as we become engulfed in bliss. The only problem with such positivity is the fact that it tends to lead to unmet expectations, which in turn lead to disappointments & sadness… This is the time when my mind temporarily shuts the excitement off and turns reality on. Making sure that my bliss is surrendered to God so that He, not me, has full control. That way I don’t let my emotions get the best of me. That way I don’t become so excited that I turn away from reality & become immersed in a fantasy. When I surrender to God, that excitement I feel is nourished with peace & excitement not in what I’m preparing for in the future, but an excitement in wherever God takes me. So that whether I have an awesome time or an awful time, I’m able to rest assured that it’s all apart of His exciting plan for my microscopic life.

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