I’m Addicted to Popcorn & God…

The first time I tried it, it was incredible. I bought it at the store not knowing what to expect. When I got home I promptly sat on my couch and began to indulge. I allowed myself to be overwhelmed with its goodness. It made my taste buds tingle. Its smell unpleasant, but its taste ravishing. I couldn’t stop. I didn’t want to stop. No matter how much of it I had, I wanted more. More and more of its salty goodness & buttery flavor as I popped handful after handful into my mouth. Pause. Yes, I’m talking about popcorn. Why? Because to put it plain, and well, awkwardly… I have a bit of an addiction to popcorn. No, really, I do. And while this addiction may not be one that will kill or even harm me, it has gotten me to think more about addictions.

Reflecting on addictions has enabled me to see just how feeble the human flesh really is. With just a few samples of one thing, our minds become enslaved by said thing. The enslaving process beginning when we make certain things the answer to our problems. Be it gambling, alcohol, drugs, porn, sex, etc. we allow these things to become our escapes. When we escape to them too often, they become safe havens. Finding safety in such destructive places leaves us trapped. So that escape, that freedom we longed for, ends up being a prison. Unable to break down the walls we’ve built, we constantly succumb to whatever holds us captive. It gets to the point where we label and identify ourselves with these problems; “I’m an alcoholic;” “I’m a gambling addict;” and the list goes on. These labels give us an excuse for the problem. The mindset being, it is something we can’t help.

These labels are wrong because there are two labels that can categorize the entire human race: Sinner & Saved. We all have this addiction to escape. Whether we like to escape to social media, to partying, to family time, to vacation, to sleep, & etc. That innate desire to step away from the stresses around us is normal & apart of who we are. The differences arise in what we end up escaping to. Because of our sin nature, we often escape to the aforementioned vices that can destroy; things that we expect to fill us, but that eventually leave us with a gnawing emptiness. But then there’s the second label: Saved. While we all have a sin nature embedded in us, we’ve all been saved from it, meaning we all have the ability to rise above the things holding us captive. Not in our own flesh, but in The flesh that was shed on the cross for our sins. Jesus’ death made a way for us to receive God’s grace. My addiction above popcorn and all else is God. This addiction is unlike any others because it’s not a temporary escape. It’s a pathway to eternal happiness that helps me overcome my struggles & the destructive vices of this world. I walk away knowing that what I’m indulging in, is the love of a Father, Friend, Lover, Healer & Savior all in one that brings me a peace that passes all understanding.

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