My Justice Isn’t Your Justice

How did this happen? How is this guilty person allowed to walk free? They killed someone and caused all of their loved ones to suffer. People that don’t even know this innocent man, feel the pain, and anger from the death. It’s not fair. It’s not just. That murderer is not innocent. So why are they allowed to go on living their life day to day without punishment for their wrong?…

My words right now are not about Zimmerman and Trayvon. My words right now are about the Son of God and you and me. We killed Him on that cross with our sins and our disobedience to God. He was innocent. He had done no wrong, and yet He died for us so that we could walk around free. I know the argument can be made that Jesus’ death was for a higher purpose, whereas Trayvon’s was senseless murder. But I myself even forget that those that killed Jesus didn’t do it for a higher purpose. They did it because in their justice system, it seemed fair. But it wasn’t fair. It wasn’t just. Justice was done away with long before the verdict in this trial. You can get angry, upset, or even vengeful, but at the end of the day you must realize that unjust acts have been happening since the world began. You may say that’s why things have to change, but maybe that’s why things have to stay this way. Maybe because we, humans, like to play god. We like to set up our own punishments and deem what should be the recourse for a person’s sins. Then, when the manmade system that sets up these punishments decides in a way we think is unfair, we are outraged. I don’t mean to be the Debbie Downer, but maybe we need to realize that there will always be flaws in the way mankind runs itself.

Maybe that’s why we need God; left on our own we’re too divided and evil to rightly decide or agree on anything. I know that those that don’t believe in God are going to say that this is crazy reasoning. It almost sounds as if I’d condone a dictator simply because people can’t agree on things, but I don’t. If you open up The Bible, you’ll see that God is much more than a dictator or one that tries to control; if He was, He wouldn’t have given us free will. If you really dive into The Word you do see a God that should be feared because He does have quite a wrath, but you also see a loving God. A God that tries and tries on us like a parent. God is like The Ultimate Father & Judge & so many other things all in one. I’ll take His justice any day of the week because it’s one that’s rooted in second chances, and third, and fourth and many more and love and mercy.

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