An Ode to the Strong

There’s something to be said about strong people. No, not those that are physically strong, though, they too should be admired. The strong I’m referring to are those that are strong mentally, spiritually & emotionally. Those that cling to a strength that cannot always be seen. Unlike the attributes that are apparent from physical strength, strength in the aforementioned areas is hidden. It is buried deep within its holder; only ready to reveal its power when deemed necessary.

I admire those people that have such strength. My admiration for them grows deeper when I see them in times when that strength that I thought was so huge fails them. It’s in those times that I see just how human they are and just how prone they are to hurt, cry and feel pain just like the rest of us. Seeing the strong when they are weak reveals just how normal they are and how much deeper they choose to dig on a usual basis to obtain that strength that is so praiseworthy. 

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