Children of God, He has baked you into the perfect cake

It’s hot. I don’t know why I’m in here or how I got here. The walls close in as I’m sent into an oven. The fires roast me slowly as I burn and lose my old texture. The ingredients inside of me molding together. It hurts. I wanna get out, but the door is shut. I’m forced to remain here until I’m ready. Until the baker sees that I am prepared and ready to serve. While I wish I knew when that would be, I trust His judgement knowing that it is far better than that of my own. He checks on me repeatedly, just to make sure that I haven’t been cooked too long. A timer dings and He opens the door letting me out. I would like to think I’m finished, but I’m not. He must add something more to make me more appealing to those around. And then He does it. He cuts me up into pieces to serve to those around. I am His; I am His wonderful creation that shows His majesty to those that come into contact with me. They taste His handiwork in every bite, and long to ingest more of His work…

To put my crazy analogy into others terms… You are the perfect cake that God has crafted; your talents, your struggles, your passions, they are all there because He placed them there. He then took the time to prepare you; bringing you through an oven of situations that were preparing you to be who He called you to be. My analogy gets even more odd, and well, awkward here, but bear with me… Children of God, I address you because this is the cool part. This is the part where you’re finished cooking. You’re ready– not perfect, but ready. You’re His finished creation, and you are now ready to be sent out to serve the world, as a testimony of all that He is. When you come into contact with people, they will know His work & long for more of it. You are His creation & you will bring glory to His name.

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