Your Love Never Hiding

I put my faith in You, then I took it out

Opened up the way for all fears and doubt.

Ignoring Your promises, Ignoring what was said,

I succumbed to my mind & the lies Satan fed.

My sadness came & drowned every ounce of belief,

Draining out all the hope I before had seen.

But You never left me alone.


The tears fall to show our weakness,

To show we must have meekness.

The pain to make us feel,

How good it is when You heal.

The struggle to remind us, that You are always abiding

—– Your love never hiding.


As the clock ticks and the deadline nears,

I will remember that it is You who always cares.

You who is far more generous than we know,

Who does great things through us that Your glory would show.

Your love still remains & Your promises the same,

So I thank You for this journey to give You fame,

For I am Your servant & You my God,

I will wait for You to show what You want.

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