Accidental Love

Single. One word, one simple word, but when you’ve been that one word your entire life that word defines you, and its definition can frustrate you when you’re an insecure female. Everywhere you look you see movies, shows, books, reality of happy couples and people in love. You question why it can’t happen to you. Why you always fall for the jerks that mistreat you and guys that just don’t fall back. You chase enough Mr. Wrongs until one day you start to believe you are Ms. Wrong. But that’s when the fun can start. When you can fully let your guard down and meet someone by accident. Someone that you see as a potential friend and that sees you as a “dude” to chill with. And then something magical takes place. When you see that mere friend as something more. And when you find out that that something more feeling is mutual. Then you take a risk on each other. A risk down the line that makes you realize that all of your past heartaches and rejections were worth it :).


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