“Love Alone is Worth the Fight”

I have fallen deeply in love with Switchfoot’s new song, “Love Alone is Worth the Fight.” The song is like an anthem for letting love overcome your fears. It’s catchy, its music video has great cinematography and the song itself speaks to me on deeper levels. From the fact that love has been on my mind so much lately to the multitude of fears that often plague my mind, this song speaks to me in ways I can’t sufficiently explain. It’s heartwarming. It’s inspiring. And it’s challenging. I feel it tugging at my heart pushing me to take more risks, to go on journeys and to let love guide every decision I make. It also reminds me that if love is guiding those decisions then I won’t look back with regrets. Whether it’s love for The Creator, love for a family member, friend, or significant other, “love alone is worth the fight.”


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