Day 4 — There is Power in the Name of JESUS

My devotion today was incredible, but it didn’t start that way…

It started out on an upward climb as I earnestly told The Lord of concerns and fears that were beginning to plague me. I then journaled out some of those things and wrote some questions I had for Him and it felt good until I decided to wait for Him to answer right then and there. I know. I blogged about this problem 3 days ago and yet still I made the mistake– I am only human… So I sat and waited and felt/heard nothing. I was dissatisfied with this. I reflected and realized that yesterday I wasn’t just physically tired, I was also spiritually tired. Tired of asking God questions; tired of waiting on answers; tired of trying to analyze every little thing that happened around me.

In spite of my disappointment, I was determined to spend more time with Him. So I decided to listen to worship songs. I honestly didn’t expect much to come from this; it was literally my lazy way of continuing in devotion when I didn’t really feel like praying or reading my bible anymore. Yet, God always meets us where we’re…

After having listened to a few songs, I had a strong desire to listen to “Break Every Chain” so I did and I thank God! The song truly moved me physically, emotionally and spiritually. I praised God and sang out the song’s chorus: “there is power in the name of Jesus to break every chain!” As I declared those words I felt such freedom and joy and after a few nights of nightmares, feelings of spiritual disconnect, and fears for my future, they were exactly what I needed. As I kept singing them they became more than words. They became keys that were literally breaking every chain that held me captive.

All this time I’ve been thinking I’d draw closer to God by hearing His voice or feeling Him move in my life when all I had to do to feel closer to Him was praise Him.

“Let everything that has breath praise The Lord!” –Psalm 150:6

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