Day 7: Onto Biblical Fasting

So I haven’t blogged over the past two days because I’ve been switching up my fast time for some time with my mom and I didn’t really have much to blog about either of the two nights anyway so I figured I would put a halt to things. Now I am back with a brief reflection of what my time with God yielded for today.

Today was actually really different from the others in that I listened to a message on the internet from a church I used to attend. The message was about fear and for the few that don’t know, I have a massive spirit of fear so this word really hit home. As the days go by, I am becoming more and more fearful for what my future holds. Not shocking given the fact that I’ve chosen one of the most risky career paths. The message from the church was essentially about not succumbing to fear because when we do we miss out on God’s plans and promises. This message combined with a talk with my mom has made me realize that I need to connect to The Lord more deeply because I have absolutely been succumbing to my fear and I have still been quite up and down with my faith in God. This needs to stop and the only way I believe it will is if I dive into real biblical fasting from food for x amount of time while I dive deeply into the presence of God. That is where and when I’ll find The Lord opening my eyes to things I’ve been blind, fearful and frustrated about.

Until next time :).

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