Day 11: Flashback to Day 9– Prayer Meeting

So I guess I’ve made a habit out of blogging every other day in the late hours of the night…

My commitment to biblical fasting over the past few days has proven to be quite rewarding. I’ve felt a peace and joy from The Lord that I haven’t felt in a while. Two days ago I went to a prayer meeting at my church and it was so uplifting! We worshipped to beautiful songs and prayed for different causes and burdens that came to our hearts and minds.

The service ended with an altar call for three different groups of people: those who had been feeling distant from God; those who had been suffering from depression, anxiety and etc and those who were hungry for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I felt peace because as a result of the past few days, I was no longer a part of the first group, but I absolutely fell into the third. About 80% of the attendees and I went up for prayer. The pastor then asked the rest of the congregation to join us at the altar to pray for us. Peopled laid hands on one another, embraced one another and in prayer, selflessly lifted up those around them.

I’ve been to church an innumerable amount of times, but this was my first time at a prayer meeting. I left it feeling so inspired, rejuvenated and ready to embark on a deeper walk with The Lord. And that is what has happened a little at a time in the days since. I’ve been able to see some of my faults more clearly. I’ve received confirmation from The Lord about my spiritual gift of dreaming. Most importantly, I’ve been able to take baby steps to trust in His power to do miracles again. All thanks be to Jesus :).

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