Day 21 / THE END

My blog slacking clearly reached an all time high over the last few days of the fast…

Yesterday was the last official day and it didn’t come without tears, intense journaling and praying. Rather than share my overall reflections from that day alone I’m going to summarize the main thing I believe I’ve learned during this time.

WAIT —> God’s way not Amber’s.

I tend to be impatient. I like now rather than later and I especially like things to go as a I feel they should go. During my fast that didn’t change. I came to my own conclusions about how and when I expected God to work and give me the answers to questions I longed for. I set my own parameters that I thought He would follow and yet He didn’t. After a talk with my mom, I have finally started to be okay with that. I may want answers to questions and clear direct signs of what the steps of my life should be now, but I don’t need them. I’ve felt God teaching me about His timing and ways a few times in the past, but the lessons clearly didn’t stick as they should’ve. Maybe/hopefully this time will be different…

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