That Awkward Moment…

Things in my life have been pretty uneventful, until yesterday.

Yesterday I received this text, “Want to grab dinner tonight before the table?”

The Table is a Friday night meeting at my church for the 20-30 year old crowd. I attended it twice two years ago and when I went I exchanged phone numbers with two people, neither one of which I interacted with ever again. Thanks to my Sherlock-like powers of deduction, I knew the text had to have come from one of the two. I then assumed that it was sent to me by mistake, but what if it hadn’t been?… I have been terrible at getting involved in my church and making friends there so I thought there was a chance that this was happening for a reason. I mean, we Christians are awkward and we’re always challenging one another to do things like texting someone random or meeting a new person and etc…

“Is this Stephanie?” I replied, recalling the name of one of the girls I’d met.

“Heidi :)” she responded.

Since I’m an awkward homebody who hates going out or doing new things, I thanked her for the invite and told her I couldn’t make it. Yes this was in spite of the fact that I thought her texting me could’ve been a “God thing”… Well, after talking to my mom, I realized that I needed to get out of my comfort zone and my house so I told her I can make it! As we started to make plans the inevitable happened.

“Ok. I have a mystery to solve. Whose number is this? I thought I was texting Amber ____? I’m in suspense. Are we both confused?”

If ever there was an awkward moment in my life, that was it.

In usual Amber essay message form I told her who I was and when we met. She didn’t remember the interaction, which was twice as embarrassing, but she was very welcoming and friendly. Fast forward to 6:30PM that night, I met with her and the other Amber for dinner before going to The Table.

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