Bringing back some Late Night Amber Rambles

“Speak Life” — this TobyMac song is amazing. I’ve heard it so many times before, but I never realized how profound it was until I was the one that needed “life” spoken to me after my latest impulse, crazy move. It was a move that I did to save myself from a pit of mental insanity that I was descending into. Dig deeper. That’s what I did. The only way I saw out of the pit was to dig deeper into it. To unearth every crazy thought  that I had been holding onto and hiding. I had to spew them all out to get my escape and my closure. In doing this, I embarrassed myself beyond belief. I felt crazy after I did it and what made matters worse was the fact that those closest to me that I discussed it with, affirmed my thoughts and said that I was acting crazy. I don’t blame them because my actions definitely were certifiable, but I didn’t need the obvious stated. I needed life and hope spoken to me and as I said I didn’t get either of those things. I’m not writing this to have my own pity party (I’ll do that as I toss and turn in bed for the next few hours). I came to my blog because writing clears my head and helps me get to the root of my problems, and while that’s not necessarily what’s happening now, it’s bringing me to a bigger point of the words we say to people everyday.

We have to speak life to those around us. I don’t always do that and I’m just now feeing how detrimental that is, especially when those around you are hurting. You never know what insecurities you’re pricking and what lies from the enemy you’re magnifying. So before you judge, condemn or use “tough love” to those around you, stop, think and really consider what they need in that moment.

I wish I had wiser words for my first blog post in months, but I don’t. Over the past six months, I have been on a roller coaster ride of mental and emotional highs and lows, but mostly lows. My spiritual life has declined; my insecurities have increased and my intense faith and belief have been swapped out for fears and doubts. My life has hit a low point and it scares me when I really stop and think about it. I feel like I’m drowning and like I have no control over what is going on around me.

*Cue the God-given epiphany any moment now……..

Still waiting……………………….. and still growing and learning. I believe God brings us through deserts to transform and change us so while I’ve recently had a hard time believing in HIs miracles, I do still believe in His goodness. If there’s a trial we’re facing, it’s there for us to shed our weak exterior, to make way for the person He wants us to be.


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