About Me

I still have a draft of the first short story I ever wrote when I was seven-years old, Leannah’s Moving. Don’t ask me why I’ve kept it all this time because I have no idea. Every time I open my desk drawer and I stumble upon it, something in me can’t seem to part ways with it. In some small way, its simple message; elementary dialogue and cheesy narrative all remind me that I was born with a passion to tell stories.

Fast forward through awkward adolescents, a string of heartbreaks, and a phase of dark poetry and you meet the 18-year-old Amber. The Amber that decided that she didn’t just want storytelling to be her side hobby, she wanted it to be her life because she wanted to use her stories to inspire, challenge and help people. She started college in the Fall of 2011 at Boston University where she would study film and TV so that her stories could reach an audience beyond the platform of a book.

Never having had any prior filmmaking experience she dove into production courses, wrote on the side and learned all that she could so that five years later, she would be prepared for a feat just like the one today. A feat where she would pour her blood, sweat, and lots of tears into a story that she knows she has to tell.


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